Welcome to Export Import Strategies Corporation

Export Import Strategies Corporation is a premier export management company. We are a Class 'C' Texas corporation and registered as a full service Export Management Firm with offices in the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area.

Export Import Strategies Corporation  works in tandem as both a Contracted Manufacturer's Representative for clients who retain our services in facilitating the exportation of their products to foreign buyers around the Globe. We also serve as a Buyer's Agent to source and qualify high quality and high potential products for them to import and sell to their customers.

Export Import Strategies Corporation has a vigorous screening process where both the products as well as the manufacturers are put through a stringent 13 point evaluation process to ensure that only the best possible products and manufacturers are introduced to our foreign buyers. We currently have distribution in Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe, Caribbean, Iceland, New Zealand, Africa, Australia and Russia. This network of buyers represents some of the largest and most prestigious buyers on the planet that would rival the likes of any major retail outlet chain in the country. They too are put though a vigorous vetting and evaluation process to ensure that our contracted manufacturers will be working with only real and viable buyers.

Export Import Strategies Corporation utilizes sound and solid business methodologies and continually adapts these strategies within multiple foreign distribution channels with a continual effort to offer the strongest potential for increased revenue to the bottom line for our buyers.

We provide in-person representation to present high-quality products to overseas purchasers. Our full service representation services include:


Export Import Strategies Corporation employs a staff with the expertise to facilitate the marketing of products, organize necessary export inspections, produce export documentation, facilitate shipping and to work with multiple financial instruments. Our investment of budget, time and research provides the necessary market experience to meet the needs of both the buyers and suppliers alike. Our knowledge also includes country specific information regarding the potential customers, competitive products, product-to-market matching and import restrictions as well as duties and tariffs. We also coordinate the necessary marketing support to ensure that product will continue to sell once it is obtained by the buyer.

Export Import Strategies Corporation assists with offsetting associated expenses with actual sales cycle activities including international telephone calls, airmail postage expenses, overnight shipping expenses, sample costs, and the creation of marketing brochures by prequalifying buyers with the products best suited for their geographical region. We absorb the time-zone responsibilities by managing transactions 'around the clock' that occur during the international customer's working hours.

Our understanding of specific cultural customs reduces the risk to transactions. Knowing how to interact with each target customer base is the difference between success and failure in these efforts. Very few countries do business in the same manner. We maintain a rigid flexibility to meet the different requirements necessary to do business with each individual foreign and domestic company.

Export Import Strategies Corporation has the understanding of transaction logistics, for instance; which ports provide the best shipping arrangements, where the free trade zones are in target markets, transaction shipping and transportation, as well as knowing how to avoid demurrage throughout the drayage process.
Trade Portal Gateways
One of the greatest tools Export Import Strategies Corporation is our robust International Portal gateway. This tool gives our manufacturers control over their product information. This information is presented to buyers in real-time giving them the most up to date information that is available.  Buyers can browse by category, products or company name. Buyers have the ability to see relevant information to base purchasing decisions. Buyers can request evaluation samples and company information. Buyers also have the ability to build pallet, container and truckload size orders online. Orders are directly supervised through our representatives.