Export Import Strategies Corporation Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Exporting?
The chief goal of any company's export ventures is usually to maximize profits by exploiting opportunities in foreign markets that do not exist in the domestic market. Many producers are able to continue to achieve steady sales and profit gains through cross-border sales. Because markets in other countries are often less mature and less competitive, exporters can typically achieve faster sales growth and higher profit margins. Foreign markets often provide relief not only from maturing domestic markets, but also from seasonal trends.

In addition to the profit opportunities available in untapped markets, another major benefit of exporting is market risk diversification. Producers can lessen vulnerability to cyclical economic downswings or regional disturbances by extending its geographic reach. Geographic diversification lessens risks affiliated with the seasonality inherent in some products and increased competition in individual regions.

What should be considered in the Exporting Decision?
Exporting presents many opportunities and challenges. The global marketplace is increasingly seen as having greater opportunities for producers wishing to look beyond domestic sales and begin to promote and sell their products and services in other countries. The challenges involved can be overcome with proper preparation and planning.

Companies preparing to export often take the following considerations into account:

Why should I outsource my Export Department?
The most common methods of exporting are indirect selling and direct selling. In indirect selling, an export intermediary such as an export management company (EMC) normally assumes responsibility for finding overseas buyers, shipping products, and getting paid. In direct selling, the U.S. producer deals directly with a foreign buyer. The paramount consideration in determining whether to market indirectly or directly is the level of resources a company is willing to devote to its international marketing effort. According to surveys by the U.S. Department of Commerce, a leading mistake reported by new exporters is the failure to use an export intermediary such as an Export Management Company (EMC). Few firms, particularly small ones, have the resources and expertise to handle all of the export tasks. In many cases, even the larger firms frequently choose to focus their limited staff and financial resources on product development and domestic market penetration.
For most new exporters, using intermediaries such as an Export Management Company is likely the best way to begin. Indirect exporting represents the least expensive and lowest-risk method of participating in foreign markets because it is relatively easy to initiate and requires a meager up-front capital investment in comparison to the staff and marketing budget required to properly gain market share abroad.

Why should I Outsource my Exporting to Export Import Strategies Corporation?
Export Import Strategies Corporation is an independent firm that acts as the exclusive export sales department for quality North American food as well as Health & Beauty Care producers. Our loyalty is to our clients and we work hard to develop a successful export programs and international brand recognition. We are a diversified marketing and sales organization. We usually have a formal agreement with firms to "manage" their exports. Sometimes we will represent all of an exporter's product line, but not always. We generally receive rights to sell in all foreign markets. Export Import Strategies Corporation should not be confused with a domestic broker or an international Export Agent, which is an individual or organization that specializes in procurement on behalf of foreign clients. A broker has no loyalty to a particular company and they generally seek the best terms for the buyer which places you into competing with others with like-kind products and costs you potential revenue. Export Import Strategies Corporation has a proven track record of results and successfully signed millions of dollars in export contracts.

How does Export Import Strategies Corporation operate?
We have long-established sales networks abroad; we market to and appoint buyers (generally with a contracted performance minimums including purchase schedules) and networks of exclusive distributors and dealers in foreign markets. Export Import Strategies Corporation is experienced in all facets of exporting, some strengths of ours include:

Why Does Export Import Strategies Corporation Charge New Manufacturers?
Export Import Strategies Corporation gains little or no benefit from the client's domestic promotion. Our initial retainer fees will vary, depending upon the level of service desired, number of foreign markets to pursue, the number of products, available marketing materials in place and the evaluation of samples which includes product inspection for labeling, sealing, USDA requirements and also proper bar coding, nutritional information, ingredients and expiration. Export Import Strategies Corporation does not earn its profits from retainer fees, these fees are in place to offset the high cost of Commercial Trade Missions and to administratively manage the accounts through the international sales cycle. Our ongoing profits come from the sale of products. We are unable to ascertain the retainer fee prior to a product evaluation. This evaluation determines the amount of staff effort it will take to professionally represent the products as well as which potential markets are viable for the product line.

Advantages of partnering with Export Import Strategies Corporation!

We are a verified, recognized and listed on the USDA's website as an experienced and trusted exporter.

What technology do you have in place?
Export Import Strategies Corporation utilizes a network of technology options to facilitate transactions as well as supporting our clients. These include but not limited to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Financial Management as well as Multi-Company Networking.

How do you represent products?
We carefully select products and product categories to represent. Our goal is to only allow the addition of manufacturers with product lines that will provide profitable sales opportunities. The buyers we represent have support requirements that require effective plans and strategic initiatives to place product as well as manage resales. We coordinate manufacturer capabilities and buyer product placement for the best profit opportunities for all entities involved in transactions.

Why should Export Import Strategies Corporation represent my products?
While we are aware of comparable manufacturers and the similarity of their products, we only seek out products that have the strong potential to bring profit to our company and yours.
Why should a Buyer buy from Export Import Strategies Corporation?
We prescreen products prior to presentation narrowing the selection to only those who have the potential for long term growth. We are a one-stop-shop for the products our buyers need. We will work to best meet your buying needs within the transaction parameters and coordinate all sales into the process that your company is structured to work under. When you meet with us, you are meeting with many small, medium, and large companies at the same time. We know what it takes for you to buy and are flexible enough to react to the transaction needs. We act as your assistant buyer without the additional staff overhead throughout the transaction lifetime.