Export Import Strategies Corporation Initiatives

Our business practices are open, honest and forthright. We are diligent in providing the most accurate, timely and reputable interactions with all of our manufacturers and buyers. We believe in providing the most accurate and relevant information for our business partners to base critical decisions on.

We adapt to the ever changing business landscape. Our staff remains current on industry and market information to ensure that we align our business plans with operational objectives to deliver profitable results. This takes strategic planning and tactical implementation. To avoid rushed negotiations; we practice the patience necessary through strategic planning and tactical implementation when the time is right.

While no result can ever be 100% controlled, we minimize element variables within our control to ensure that the highest result potential is achieved for our manufacturers as well as our buyers. Export Import Strategies Corporation lives by the integrity it has worked hard for and has built with each and every one of our buyers as well as suppliers.


Our Company CREDO is "GIVES": "Grace, Integrity, Value, Effort, and Success."


Grace - We are committed to always taking the high road in our business decisions and interactions.

Integrity - Through Integrity we show our commitment to honorable business transactions, Ours is a business that we believe reveals one’s personal character with every phone call, every interaction and with every attempt to grow our client's and buyer's business.

Value - We value all of our clients, both the opportunities as well as the challenges. We believe it is our clients who create the ability for us to do business. Our opportunities create our success and our challenges strengthen our capabilities by testing our resolve and creativity.

Effort - Hard work is the only true medium of exchange. Effort generates business, business generates revenue which drives the profits that achieve success.

Success - Success is not the opposite of failure. It is the logical and measurable result of hard work and dedication. It is simply a byproduct of our commitment to continually generating constant and ongoing positive results. Success also comes from making constant progress as a result of our fortitude of spirit.