Export Import Strategies Corporation Services

Export Import Strategies Corporation serves as both a contracted Manufacturer's Representative and Buyer's Agent. We are not a broker or distributor. We are an Export Management Firm acting as the off-site exporting department for over 150 North American producers of Food as well as Health & Beauty Care products. We work in a dual role to provide both our suppliers as well as our buyers with the best possible strategies in creating a successful overall international marketing campaign. Our services go far beyond what you would get from a standard broker or distributor agreement and it does not stop once a sale is made. Our represented suppliers fully appreciate the strategic analysis for penetrating markets with their products. We evaluate numerous factors for product placement when targeting an emerging market.

These factors include:

- Research: We look at the political stability of the region we are going into, do they have a strong alliance with the U.S. and would we want to send one of our representatives into that region.

- GNP: We look at the foreign market GNP to determine demand items.

- Resources: We look at the target country natural resources and find out what percentage of those resources make up their economy. (Agriculture, minerals, oil, etc.)

- Trading Partner Countries: Who are their major trading partners- do they buy or sell to the U.S.?

- Import Requirements: What kind of import duties and restrictions do they have?


- Expendable Income: What is the available expendable income for consumers in the foreign target market and who is going to be able to afford your product. Simply put, is it affordable after all the shipping, mark ups, tariffs and surcharges.


- Currency Exchange Rates: Can the foreign importer leverage market arbitrage opportunities with the currency exchange rates against the US Dollar.

- Product Performance Potential: We study the products that do well in that target market.

- Market Trends: We analyze product and consumer trends in the target region.


- Flavor Profiles: We gain target market knowledge for the preferred flavor profiles in the foreign country.

- Available Products: We then target producers and manufacturers with products that have the potential to perform well in the target market. Our evaluation of a producer and their products begins with the initial contact measuring how receptive they are to international markets, how responsive and accurate they are in fulfilling requests, ease of doing business, visionary leadership, Then we prequalify the company prior to evaluating their product for acceptance.

Product Representation
While not every product is a match for every market or outlet, we do select only high potential and high quality products for food service and retail outlets as well as many Health & Beauty Care items. Each product line and manufacturer must meet high standards prior to acceptance for representation.

Labeling Requirements
Using the expertise gained from hundreds of manufacturer's, thousands of products, numerous country import requirements, and international transaction experience across multiple continents, Export Import Strategies Corporation will coordinate necessary label changes. We will also make packaging and labelling recommendations to increase sales. In most cases, the foreign importer will prepay for labels or place large enough orders to justify the associated packaging changes, plate changes and printing expenses.

Buyer Qualification
Each buyer must be qualified prior to obtaining a purchasing opportunity. This includes vetting the buyers against 'Blocked & Denied Entity' lists from the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of State, Homeland Security, and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), to ensure the potential buyer has not been denied export privileges from the U.S. due to unethical trade practices, terrorism funding, money laundering, or other questionable business practices. We also gather credit information and company information to ensure transactions conducted with net terms extended by the producer can meet the stringent requirements to insure each transaction shipment alleviating risk to all parties involved.

By working as a buyer’s agent, we source products of interest for proven buyers. The buyer provides us with information regarding products they have expressed interest in, product specifications, quantities to purchase and their projected purchasing cycles. We then simply source those products on behalf of our buyer. A key factor that gets the attention of our buyers is our unique approach in helping them increase their overall profits. We help evaluate our buyer’s current portfolio to determine which products are not performing. We then make recommendations on which products from our portfolio will replace unprofitable and nonperforming items. Our goal is to help our buyers increase their total yearly revenue. The other reason many of the larger buyers prefer doing business with Export Import Strategies Corporation is due to our ability to offer thousands of products from hundreds of North American manufacturers. This gives us a huge advantage in getting the attention of serious buyers allowing us to introduce products, where in many cases, the average manufacturer would not have the opportunity as an individual entity.

Sales & Marketing
Even though Export Import Strategies Corporation works in the consumer packaged goods and food service markets, we also serve as an outsourced sales & marketing agency. In essence, we become an extension of our client's company. We work as an offsite exporting department for our represented clients by:

- Assisting manufacturers in introducing products to potential buyers;

- Increasing speed to market improves retail & food service management maintaining continuity as well as increased market coverage reducing costs while increasing productivity;

- Enhancing a manufacturer's core capabilities while ensuring product availability in a multi-channel marketing environment creating the potential for a 30% to 50% savings by using our services versus the cost of a manufacturer's direct sales staff.

Brand Protection
Export Import Strategies Corporation works cooperatively with our client manufacturers, foreign buyers, as well as domestic and foreign governments to protect brands, prevent knock-offs, prevent diverting, and related unethical practices.

Transaction Types
Export Import Strategies Corporation will present all sales opportunities to our client manufacturer's for consideration. We conduct spot transactions negotiate multi-year exclusivity contracts based on the importer's needs and distribution requirements. In many instances, high potential brands have competing buyers trying to be the sole importer for their selected brands.

Fraud Protection
Export Import Strategies Corporation will assist in identifying potential transaction scams, mentor the client manufacturer preventing victimization, and work to identify and alleviate all potential points of risk protecting both our represented client companies and international customers.